This works best with 4 - 6 sites participating; however you can make it work with just two sites as well.

Assign each group an area of the world (i.e. Australia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, etc.).

(This is the professional development version of MysteryQuest, so instead of being narrowed to a specific area of the world like other MysteryQuests, the teachers have to research from the whole world.)

Each group should select and present a specific beach (not just a city close to a beach).

Preparing Your Group Presentation:
  1. Choose a specific beach to present from your assigned area. Each site will present a beach.
  2. In the presentation, give the required clues in your presentation.
  3. Divide the participants into groups to ensure everyone is involved. Some suggested groups:
    • Researchers [Region clues, Location clues, Place clues], Script Writers, Prop & Visuals/Decorations
  4. Prepare a visual to reveal the answer to your presentation (beach, city, & country).
  5. Make sure all participants have paper to take notes on all the presentations. This way if one team figures out a mystery quickly they can help another team.