MysteryQuest Beaches: A Professional Development VC Project

Welcome to the MysteryQuest Beaches video conference project. This project is designed for teachers interested in learning project formats for videoconference projects.

During the workshop, teachers will create a presentation with clues about their selected Mystery Beach. The other teachers, using maps, the Internet, and other resources, will try to discover the Mystery Beach presented by the other groups.

30 min. Group Presentations 
(3-5 min. each for 6 presentations)
20 min. The Quest: Locating Sites 
(All sites mute.)
5 min. Question and Answers
 (This section will be tightly moderated.
  • Group 1 answers all questions.

  • Group 2 answers all questions.

  • Group 3 answers all questions.

  • Group 4 answers all questions.

  • Group 5 answers all questions.

  • Group 6 answers all questions.

5 min. Group teams 'reevaluate' their answers.
5 min. Groups present their guesses.
5 min. Correct Mystery Beaches revealed.

Credit: This project is modeled after the Where in the USA project by Learning Space (1996-2004).